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Peter Milward The Drama of Jesus - sumka-na-poyas.ru

Peter Milward The Drama of Jesus

There’s no doubt about it. The life of Jesus is intensely dramatic. I doubt if there has been a more dramatic life in the history of man, whether in the real lives of Alexander and Julius Caesar or in the fictitious ones of Hamlet and King Lear. In the four gospels it has been told with dramatic intensity both in the narrative style of the first three and in the discursive style of the fourth. Shakespeare himself drew deep inspiration from these four sources, as appears in all his plays and particularly in his tragedies from Romeo and Juliet to King Lear.

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Peter Wyatt Jesus Christ and Creation in the Theology of John Calvin

John Paul Heil 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude

This book proposes new and comprehensive chiastic structures as well as new unifying themes for the often-neglected New Testament letters of 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude. In accord with these structures, which organize the oral performance of these letters in a context of communal worship, the subtitle of the book, «Worship Matters,» expresses the letters' main concern. By «worship» is meant not only liturgical worship but also the ethical behavior that complements it for a holistic way of worshiping God. «Matters» refers not only to the «matters» or issues regarding worship in these letters but also to the fact that worship «matters» in the sense of making an all-important difference to Christian living, not only for the original audiences of letters, but equally for their contemporary audience. Accordingly, this book proposes that: 1 Peter exhorts its audience to worship for life, both present and eternal, through the sufferings of Jesus Christ; 2 Peter exhorts its audience to worship in the knowledge regarding the final coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and Jude exhorts its audience to worship in the mercy and love of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Richard N. Soulen Defining Jesus

Defining Jesus is about the semantic content of the name Jesus. To what does the name refer, especially when modifying adjectives are attached, such as «the historical Jesus,» «the Jesus of history,» «the earthly Jesus,» «the biblical Jesus,» «the real Jesus»? Problems arise when commercial writers and scholars, without the necessary caveat, equate their hypothetical portrait of «the historical Jesus» with «the real Jesus»–none other than the Jesus of the first century «as he actually was.» To disabuse scholarship of this hubris, the author carefully delineates the diverse settings in which the name Jesus appears in the ongoing dialogue about Jesus of Nazareth. Its approach is apologetic: it defends the traditional language of Christian faith, arguing with Martin Kahler in the nineteenth century that the only Jesus Christians have ever known, or can know, is the Christ of faith.

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Gregg S. Morrison The Turning Point in the Gospel of Mark

Based on linguistic and thematic links in the narrative, The Turning Point in the Gospel of Mark argues that the twin pericopae of Peter's confession (8:27-38) and the Transfiguration (9:2-13) together function as the turning point of the Gospel and serve in a Janus-like manner enabling the reader to see the author's main focus: the identity of Jesus and the significance of that reality for his disciples. Peter's confession of Jesus as Messiah faces backward toward the Prologue (1:1-13) and functions as a mid-course conclusion. The declaration by God on the mountain faces forward and foreshadows the end-course conclusion (14:61-62; 15:39; Son of God). Jesus, in response, teaches that the Son of Man must suffer and die before being raised from the dead (8:31). Christologically, the images of Messiah, Son of Man, and Son of God converge and present Jesus, the crucified, as king, ushering in the kingdom of God in power (9:1 acting as the key swivel between the twin pericopae). When one is confronted with this Jesus, though there remains something elusive about him and the kingdom of God in the narrative, the only wise decision (after calculating the costs, 8:34-38) is to follow.

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J. Peter Sartain A Journey to the Heart of Jesus

"Every day, every trip, and every task can become a pilgrimage if we decide to live that way." – Archbishop Sartain Archbishop J. Peter Sartain shares reflections on the pilgrimage of Christian discipleship. Through these often humorous, but always deeply personal, pieces you will discover:How to keep your perspective along the road to discipleshipHow to remove the stumbling blocks to spiritual maturityHow to encounter God in prayerHow to share the fruit of the cross How to experience happiness through works of mercy A Journey to the Heart of Jesus is an insightful collection of meditations that offer timely counsel to any Christian disciple making the journey to the heart of Jesus.

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Frank P. Spinella Jr. The Cloak and the Parchments

Told in the first person by the author of the Gospel of Mark, The Cloak and the Parchments relates the story of how the earliest gospel came to be written against the backdrop of emergent Christianity's doctrinal tensions. But it is also the story of one man's struggle of faith, especially with the remarkable notion–at least for a first-century Jew steeped in monotheistic tradition–of the divinity of Jesus Christ. The year is 64 CE, and Paul has summoned Mark and Timothy from Ephesus to his prison cell in Rome. On their journey, the travelers discuss many of Paul's teachings, including that Jesus is truly the Son of God. After reaching Italy they meet up with Peter, whose own account of Jesus's ministry quickly poses a challenge to Paul's views. But there will be no opportunity to hear Peter and Paul debate their differences, for they arrive in Rome at the outbreak of the Great Fire. Amid the turmoil of the resulting Christian persecution, Paul urges Mark to escape and write Peter's account of Jesus's ministry consistently with Paul's own teaching. Mark finds himself conflicted by his promises to both men, and by the disparity between Peter's eyewitness testimony and Paul's claim to direct revelation. In the end, he finds the answer he seeks hidden in the depths of his own soul–as ultimately, we all must.
The Cloak and the Parchments brings these New Testament characters to life in all of their humanity, and presents a cogent argument for the necessity of mystical experience in religious belief.

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Donald E. Mayer Letters to Peter

"Dad. I've got very, very, very bad news. Peter was killed tonight . . ."
With that middle-of-the-night phone call, life for the Mayer family plunged from «best-ever year» to months and years of dealing with the oppressive presence of Peter's unending absence.
A letter from his father to the freshly deceased Peter, intended for the memorial service, became the first in a torrent of letters from his dad to Peter, though which his dad poured out agonized and angry grief. In the letters, Peter's dad laments the way events otherwise beautiful for Peter's wife, five-year-old daughter, and the rest of the family are relentlessly punctuated with the pain of the loss. «Dammit, Peter, why didn't you . . .?»
Ultimately, slowly, the letters begin to reflect on the strange mystery of healing. How is it that in spite of the pain, in spite of the unending loss, comfort does come, opening the way once again for unbelievably deep joy?
"It was all so rich and beautiful that with a certain private touch, and exchange of glance, your mom and I signaled an agreement . . . slipped to our cave . . . with playful freedom and deep gratitude."
So for Peter's dad, the confirmation of the odd observation from Jesus: «How blessed are those who grieve!»

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Scot McKnight A Companion Guide to The Jesus Creed

According to Jesus, the spiritually formed person is the one who loves God and who loves others. This Companion Guide enables the reader to anchor the lessons of The Jesus Creed into the depths of one's heart. Reading The Jesus Creed is the first step; reciting throughout the day The Jesus Creed is the next step. Applying it to all of life is next. Each day's Guide applies the fundamental spiritual formation principle of each chapter in The Jesus Creed, and then encourages each of us to dig deeper in the Gospels to learn more about how The Jesus Creed shaped the life of Jesus and all those around him. What one learns is that The Jesus Creed is everywhere in the Gospels because it was at the heart of spiritual formation for Jesus.

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Peter Horsfield From Jesus to the Internet. A History of Christianity and Media

From Jesus to the Internet examines Christianity as a mediated phenomenon, paying particular attention to how various forms of media have influenced and developed the Christian tradition over the centuries. It is the first systematic survey of this topic and the author provides those studying or interested in the intersection of religion and media with a lively and engaging chronological narrative. With insights into some of Christianity?s most hotly debated contemporary issues, this book provides a much-needed historical basis for this interdisciplinary field.

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Peter Milward - Wikipedia

Father Peter Milward, SJ (12 October 1925 – 16 August 2017) was a Jesuit priest and literary scholar. He was emeritus professor of English Literature at Sophia University in Tokyo and a leading figure in scholarship on English Renaissance literature. He was chair of the Renaissance Institute at Sophia University from its inception in 1974 until it was closed down in 2014 and director of the ...

The Drama of Jesus eBook by Peter Milward - 9781619339279 ...

The Drama of Jesus. by Peter Milward. Share your thoughts Complete your review. Tell readers what you thought by rating and reviewing this book. Rate it * You Rated it * 0. 1 Star - I hated it 2 Stars - I didn't like it 3 Stars - It was OK 4 Stars - I liked it 5 Stars - I loved it. Please make sure to choose a rating. Add a review * Required Review * How to write a great review Do. Say what ...

opinion. Peter Milward, in Meta-Drama in Hamlet and ...

Peter Milward, in "Meta-Drama in Hamlet and MacbetK insists that Shakespeare held strong Catholic beliefs and sympathies; David Danieli, in "Explorers of the Revelation: Spenser and Shakespeare," argues that the religious foundation of Shakespeares work is Protestant doctrine (a position shared by Grace Tiffany in her study of "Protestant Aural Theater"); Robert Reids essay on "the problem of ...

Peter Milward | Open Library

William Shakespeare (1564-1616), Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889), Peter Milward, Thomas More Sir, Saint (1478-1535), Jesus Christ, T. S. Eliot (1888-1965), C. S. Lewis (1898-1963), Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977), Elizabeth I Queen of England (1533-1603), Francis Xavier Saint (1506-1552), George Wilson Knight (1897-), Henry VIII King of England (1491-1547), Ignatius of Loyola, Saint (1491-1556 ...

META-DRAMA IN HAMLET : Peter Milward | BookWay書店 外国語版 ...

META-DRAMA IN HAMLET - There follow a series of four books on the element of meta-drama in the famous four great tragedies of Shakespeare. By the word meta-drama is meant the presence in each play of something more than mere drama, something that eludes the attention not only of spectators but even of scholars

Peter Milward - Towards an Understanding of Christianity ...

Peter Milward reacts to Cecil Williamson Cary’s review of Roy Battenhouse’s Shakespeare’s Christian Dimension. ... Calvin and Hooker on the liberation of drama and literature from the dominion of theology and amenable to it. True, Luther does have some impact on the mind of the young Hamlet, in so far as he comes from the newly founded (1502) university of Wittenberg 12) and is evidently ...

Featured Artist: Peter Millward

Peter Millward: Calendar Wins & Dates. Displaying 1 to 100 of 124 Click on thumbnail to see larger image and description. Click on the date to see the image in its calendar page. 26 Jun 2020: 20 Jun 2020: 16 Jun 2020: 30 May 2020: 17 May 2020: 6 May 2020: 15 Apr 2020: 1 Apr 2020: 22 Mar 2020: 17 Mar 2020: 11 Mar 2020: 27 Feb 2020: 23 Feb 2020 : 3 Feb 2020: 25 Jan 2020: 3 Jan 2020 ...

Peter Milward - YouTube

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Peter Millward | Liverpool John Moores University

Series editor Peter Millward has overseen and driven forward this project with energy, enthusiasm and care, and after just 18 months since its inception the series contains one published book, one in press, seven under contract, and seven book proposals under peer review. This rapid rate of growth is unprecedented for a book series on the Routledge sport list, and is testament to Peter’s ...

Скачать книги автора Peter Milward. Fb2Gratis.com

Peter Milward Список книг автора Peter Milward. 1; The Drama of Jesus - Peter Milward. Название: The Drama of Jesus. Автор: Peter Milward. Издательство: Ingram. Жанр: Языкознание. Серия: Подробнее. Pitfalls of Memory - Peter Milward. Название: Pitfalls of Memory. Автор: Peter Milward. Издательство: I

Books by Peter Milward (Author of The Tower of London)

Peter Milward has 39 books on Goodreads with 40 ratings. Peter Milward’s most popular book is A Commentary On The Sonnets Of G.M. Hopkins.

Peter Milward | Open Library

Peter Milward 1925 - 27 works Add another? Most Editions | First Published | Most Recent. Showing all works by author. Would you like to see only ebooks? 1 2 Next > Shakespeare's meta-drama by Peter Milward 2 editions - first published in 2003 Not in Library. A commentary on the Holy Sonnets of John Donne

Peter Milward — Wikipédia

Peter Milward, né le 12 octobre 1925 à Londres, est un prêtre jésuite, professeur émérite de littérature anglaise à l'Université Sophia de Tokyo, où il a été directeur d'un centre d'études de la Renaissance et où il a mené des recherches sur la littérature anglaise de la Renaissance.Ses principales publications traitent de l'œuvre de William Shakespeare et de Gerard Manley ...

The Drama of Jesus eBook por Peter Milward - 9781619339279 ...

The Drama of Jesus. por Peter Milward. Comparte tus pensamientos Completa tu reseña. Cuéntales a los lectores qué opinas al calificar y reseñar este libro. Califícalo * Lo calificaste * 0. 1 Estrella - No me gustó nada 2 Estrellas - No me gust ó 3 Estrellas - Estuvo bien 4 Estrellas - Me gustó 5 Estrellas - Me encantó. Asegúrate de elegir una calificación. Añadir una reseña ...

META-DRAMA IN OTHELLO : Peter Milward | BookWay書店 外国語版 ...

META-DRAMA IN OTHELLO - Though they are called (by AC Bradley) the four great tragedies, there is such a great difference between Hamlet, which comes at the end of the Elizabethan age, and Othello, which comes at the beginning of the Jacobean age. The one is so confusing and complicated, whereas the other is

Peter Milward, The metaphysics of T.s. Eliot - in view of ...

Peter Milward. Heythrop Journal 51 (1):80-84 (2010) Abstract This article has no associated abstract. (fix it) Keywords No keywords specified (fix it) Categories Philosophy of Religion. Religious Topics in Philosophy of Religion (categorize this paper) DOI 10.1111/j.1468-2265.2009.00537.x: Options Edit this record. Mark as duplicate ...

The Drama of Jesus - ebook (ePub) - Peter Milward - Achat ...

The Drama of Jesus, Peter Milward, FastPencil. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction .

Religious Controversies of the Elizabethan Age: A Survey ...

By Peter Milward. Read preview. Excerpt. A survey of this kind is not so easy to categorize as it may appear on first sight. Since it professes to deal with the religious controversies of the Elizabethan Age, one's first instinct may be to place it under the heading of Theology or Church History. It certainly falls into both these categories; but it is by no means circumscribed by them. It may ...


Descargar libro THE DRAMA OF JESUS EBOOK del autor PETER MILWARD (ISBN 9781619339279) en PDF o EPUB completo al MEJOR PRECIO, leer online gratis la sinopsis o resumen, opiniones, críticas y comentarios.

Peter Milward, Was Shakespeare a Catholic? - PhilPapers

Peter Milward. The Chesterton Review 27 (3):408-413 (2001) Abstract This article has no associated abstract. (fix it) Keywords No keywords specified (fix it) Categories British Philosophy in European Philosophy (categorize this paper) DOI 10.5840/chesterton200127363: Options Edit this record . Mark as duplicate. Export citation ...

What has the author Peter Milward written? - Answers

Peter Milward has written: 'A commentary on the Holy sonnets of John Donne' -- subject(s): Christian poetry, English, English Christian poetry, English Sonnets, History and criticism, Sonnets ...

Father Peter Milward, S.J. at the 2010 ACS Conference

The American Chesterton Society Annual Conference 2010 Emmitsburg, MD Professor Emeritus from Sophia University Father Peter Milward, S.J. talking about "Chesterton and Shakespeare and Today ...

Peter Milward - General Manager Passenger Transport ...

View Peter Milward’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Peter has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Peter’s connections and jobs at similar companies.

Shakespeare the Papist (Sapientia Classics): Milward ...

Peter Milward, SJ is Professor Emeritus of Sophia University in Tokyo. He entered the Society of Jesus at St. Beuno's College in North Wales in 1943 and then went on to study scholastic philosophy at Heythrop College, Oxon from 1947-50 and classical and English literature at Campion Hall, Oxford from 1950-54. He taught English literature, with special attention to Shakespearian drama, at ...

Shakespeare's view of English history / by Peter Milward.

Milward, Peter, 1925-, Religious controversies of the Jacobean age : a survey of printed sources / (by) Peter Milward. London : Scolar Press, 1978.

Milward, Peter [WorldCat Identities]

Author Peter Milward emphasizes the latter in his latest book, A Challenge to C.S. Lewis. As a young Jesuit, Milward was one of Lewis's students who heard the eminent medieval scholar draw upon the dim recesses of Northern learning and Greco-Roman mythology to make his subject lucid for his listeners. After himself becoming a professor at Sophia University in Tokyo, Milward continued a ...

Amazon.ca: Peter Milward SJ: Books

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Shakespeare's meta-drama : Hamlet and Macbeth ...

Is there a problem with an e-resource? If so, please indicate which one: ... Brief Description:

‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Cast Sets First-Ever Benefit ...

The cast of the classic CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond will reunite for the first time since the show ended in 2005 to honor their late costar Peter Boyle and raise money to battle the disease ...

Shakespeare’s Other Tyrant | Moreana

Peter Milward, S.J. Elizabethan Shakespeare. John Klause. Dec 2008 Moreana. Tyranny and Law in Thomas More’s Declamation in Reply to Lucian’s Tyrannicide. Hernán Corral. Dec 2012 Moreana. See more See less. This abstract is currently unavailable. Paul Edmondson and Stanley Wells, The Shakespeare Circle: An Alternative Biography and Bart Van Es, Shakespeare in Company . W. David Kay. Nov ...

Peter Milward's research works | Sophia University, Tokyo ...

Peter Milward's 41 research works with 339 reads, including: John Henry Newman: Sermons 1824-1843. Volume IV. Edited by Francis J. McGrath, FMS . Pp. xliv, 392 ...

Elizabethan Controversialists ISBN 9781619335387 PDF epub ...

By Peter Milward. Education | Literary Collections | Religion. FastPencil Publication date: August 2012. ISBN: 9781619337800 Digital Book format: ePub (Adobe DRM) Buy ePub. List price: $ 9.99. Our price: $ 8.99. You save: $ 1.00 (10%) It is not commonly realized that the Elizabethan age was an age of intense religious controversy, or that Shakespeare spent the first decade of his dramatic ...

Secret Life of Insects - E-bok - Peter Milward ...

Pris: 549 kr. E-bok, 2017. Laddas ned direkt. Köp Secret Life of Insects av Peter Milward på Bokus.com.

The Catholicism of Shakespeare's Plays: Milward Sj, Peter ...

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Peter Milward - Wikimonde

Peter Milward, né le 12 octobre 1925 à Londres, est un prêtre jésuite, professeur émérite de littérature anglaise à l'Université Sophia de Tokyo, où il a été directeur d'un centre d'études de la Renaissance et où il a mené des recherches sur la littérature anglaise de la Renaissance.

A Lifetime with Hopkins – HFS Books

Peter Milward, SJ is Professor Emeritus of Sophia University in Tokyo. He entered the Society of Jesus at St. Beuno's College in North Wales in 1943 and then went on to study scholastic philosophy at Heythrop College, Oxon from 1947-50 and classical and English literature at Campion Hall, Oxford from 1950-54. He taught English literature, with special attention to Shakespearian drama, at ...

Talk:Peter Milward - Wikipedia

Peter Milward is within the scope of WikiProject Catholicism, an attempt to better organize and improve the quality of information in articles related to the Catholic Church.For more information, visit the project page. Start This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project's quality scale. Low This article has been rated as Low-importance on the project's importance scale.

Peter V Milward | American Air Museum in Britain

Lt. Milward's crew of the 8th AF 95th Bomb Group standing by their B-17 42-30178 "Darlin' Dolly" at their base in England, 5 January 1944. They are wearing the RAF uniforms given to them after ditching their aircraft ("Superstitious Aloysius" 42-6098) the previous day off Bawdsey. Peter V. Milward Crew - 335th Sqn BACK ROW: Peter V. Milward (pilot), Frank P.Miles (waist gunner), Charles R ...

楽天Kobo電子書籍ストア: The Drama of Jesus - Peter Milward ...

The Drama of Jesus - Peter Milward - 楽天Koboなら漫画、小説、ビジネス書、ラノベなど電子書籍がスマホ、タブレット、パソコン用無料アプリで今すぐ読める。

Pitfalls Of Memory Peter Milward by CarrolBoisvert - Issuu

Title: Pitfalls Of Memory Peter Milward, Author: CarrolBoisvert, Name: Pitfalls Of Memory Peter Milward, Length: 4 pages, Page: 1, Published: 2013-07-28 . Issuu company logo. Close. Try. Features ...

楽天ブックス: Meta-Drama in Hamlet - Peter Milward ...

Meta-Drama in Hamlet - Peter Milward - 本の購入は楽天ブックスで。全品送料無料!購入毎に「楽天ポイント」が貯まってお得!みんなのレビュー・感想も満載。

Elizabethan Shakespeare – HFS Books

By Peter Milward, SJ. Sapientia Press Ave Maria Univ. To know Shakespeare is to know his plays, not just one by one but all together or what T. S. Eliot calls "the pattern in his carpet”. Publisher: Sapientia Press Ave Maria Univ: BISAC Subject Headings: DRAMA / General (27 Titles) BIC Subject Headings: Creative therapy (eg art, music, drama) (19 Titles) Format: Paperback / softback ...

Much Ado About Everything ISBN 9781607468462 PDF epub ...

This acclaimed book by Peter Milward is available at eBookMall.com in several formats for your eReader. Search. Much Ado About Everything. By Peter Milward. Literary Collections. FastPencil Publication date: July 2012 . ISBN: 9781607469148 Digital Book format: ePub (Adobe DRM) Buy ePub. List price: $ 22.95. Our price: $ 21.99. You save: $ 0.96 (4%) Shakespeare, Spiritual Exercises, Much Ado ...

Peter Milward,S.J., Shakespeare the Papist. Naples ...

Peter Milward,S.J., Shakespeare the Papist. Naples, Florida: Sapientia Press, 2005. xv + 309 pp. - Volume 29 Issue 3 - Anne B. Gardiner

Milward - Wikipedia

Milward may refer to: Given name. Milward Kennedy (1894–1968), English civil servant, journalist, ... Malcolm Milward (born 1948), English cricketer; Peter Milward (1925–2017), British Jesuit priest and literary scholar; Richard Milward (born 1984), English novelist; Simon Milward (1965–2005), General Secretary of the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations; Victor Milward ...

Peter Milward (c.1847 - d.) - Genealogy

Genealogy for Peter Milward (c.1847 - d.) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surnames

Spring Lectures 2016, for the Angel Foundation, by Peter ...

Spring Lectures 2016, for the Angel Foundation, by Peter Milward No.4, Saturday June 18, on Antony and Cleopatra Second of three Roman Plays, beginning with Julius Caesar in 1599 . Then after a gap of 6 years including the 3 Jacobean tragedies . followed by Coriolanus, as completely different kind of play . change from Renaissance black and white to Baroque colour . only continuity in Roman ...

Peter Milward | LibraryThing

Peter Milward (1925–2017) Author of A Commentary on the Sonnets of G.M. Hopkins. Includes the names: Peter S. Milward, Peter Milward SJ, SJ Peter Milward, peter s.j. milward, Peter Milward S. J. Members: Reviews: Popularity: Rating: Favorited: Events : 121: 0: 127,832 (3.83) 0: 0: organize | filter. Works by Peter Milward . A Commentary on the Sonnets of G.M. Hopkins 19 copies. Landscape and ...

The Secret Life of Insects von Peter Milward - englisches ...

Every science, including the study of insects, may have circumscribed limits, but its deeper principles open up new worlds of possibility. The author uncovers these hidden principles by examining the daily lives and habits of insects.

Peter Millward | Liverpool John Moores University ...

Peter Millward, Liverpool John Moores University, Sociology Department, Faculty Member. Studies Sociology, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies. If anyone would like a copy of my research papers, please email me and I will try to relay a copy across

Douglas D. Webster Outposts of Hope

The original recipients of the Letter of First Peter inhabited a radically different social context from our own. We do not live under Roman imperial rule. Slave labor is not the driving force of our economy. Women are not under patriarchal domination in our culture as they once were. Society has changed, but what is beyond dispute is that Western culture remains antithetical to God's will and hostile to the Jesus way. The imperial Caesar has been replaced by the imperial self. The Pax Romana has been replaced by the American Dream. Western capitalism still trades in the bodies and souls of human beings. Culture obsesses over sexual freedom and material indulgence. Idolatry is pervasive. Autonomous individualism is the ideal.
First Peter is about the inevitable clash with culture that ensues because of the good news of Jesus Christ. The Apostle Peter's bottom-up profile of costly discipleship is far more radical than we may realize. Hostility against the church is the believer's opportunity under pressure to reveal the goodness of God. Suffering and submission are essential for Peter's Christ for culture strategy. Sacrifice is the leverage of the gospel. Cross-bearing humility is the strategy for relating to culture and Christlike humility is essential for living in the household of God.

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D. Eric Lowdermilk Two Can Play That Game

John 21 portrays seven disciples fishing all night yet catching nothing. In the morning, a shoreline stranger instructs them to recast their net. Surprisingly, the disciples fail to recognize him. After a miraculous catch and subsequent breakfast, however, there is no doubt as to who this stranger is. Jesus then questions Peter about his love and commissions him to feed Jesus' sheep. Using narrative criticism, Lowdermilk examines this recognition scene, asking, «How would a reader, well acquainted with recognition and deception as portrayed in Genesis, understand John 21?» He discards «trickster» terminology and argues that biblical recognition occurs within a context of «manipulation.» After proposing a detailed taxonomy of manipulation, he ventures further and argues for patterns in Genesis where manipulators are «counter-manipulated» in a reciprocal manner, ironically similar to their own behavior, providing a transforming effect on the manipulator. These findings, plus a careful examination of Greek diminutives, inform Lowdermilk's new reading of John 21:1-19. Peter withholds his identity as a disciple in John 18 and later Jesus actively withholds his identity in ironic counter-manipulation, mirroring Peter's denials. Jesus' threefold questioning of Peter continues the haunting echoes of Peter's earlier denials. Will it result in a disciple transformed?

3039.9 RUR

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Anne Emmerich The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the detailed account of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ beginning hours before his crucifixion. Based on the ecstatic visions of the Venerable Anne Catherine Emmerich, «The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ» is a controversial and often-debated account of the events that lead up to and the suffering endured during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

466.9 RUR

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Andy Angel The Jesus You Really Didn’t Know

The problem with too much Christianity today is that we replace the person of Jesus with a doctrine of grace. Living in denial of Jesus' teaching on judgment and holiness, too many Christians take refuge from the sayings of Jesus in doctrines of forgiveness that they hope will bolster up their sense of self-worth before God. Andy Angel tackles this dysfunctional spirituality head-on, opening up the journey of learning and love into which the living Lord Jesus invites us all. Unpacking the Gospel of Matthew, he encourages us to rediscover the teaching ministry of Jesus in our own lives, and in doing so, to recover the riches and freshness of the gospel message and to rediscover the depths of love Jesus has for each one of us.

1636.87 RUR

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Marvin W. Meyer The Gospels of the Marginalized

The Gospels of the Marginalized provides an exciting new study of three of the most maligned figures in the New Testament story of Jesus: Thomas, usually considered the quintessential doubter among the disciples; Mary Magdalene, characterized as a repentant prostitute during much of the history of the church; and Judas Iscariot, presented as the despicable disciple of Jesus who betrayed his master for money. In this book Marvin Meyer, one of the most prominent of the scholars of gnostic texts and other early Christian literature, offers fresh and accurate translations of the Gospels of Thomas, Mary, and Judas, with their proclamation of the good news of the wisdom of Jesus, and he uses these gospels as the occasion to reexamine the place of Thomas, Mary Magdalene, and Judas Iscariot in the Jesus movement. His striking analysis suggests that Thomas was no doubter, that Mary Magdalene was a beloved disciple in the inner circles of disciples around Jesus, and that the tale of Judas Iscariot as betrayer of Jesus is a piece of fiction. Meyer adds a «Gospel of the Redeemed» as a vivid illustration of how the gospel story of Jesus might read with Jesus as a Jewish teacher of wisdom and Thomas, Mary, and Judas restored as loyal followers of the teacher from Nazareth.

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Suk Kwan Wong Allegorical Spectrum of the Parables of Jesus

Allegory in the parables of Jesus has never been addressed properly. By studying the allegorical features in parables and evaluating some former parable theories, current study hopes to bring insight to the hermeneutics of allegory in the parables of Jesus.

1948.65 RUR

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Terrance Callan Acknowledging the Divine Benefactor

Acknowledging the Divine Benefactor is a sociorhetorical interpretation of the Second Letter of Peter. Using multiple interpretive perspectives and emphasizing the pictorial dimensions of 2 Peter, Terrance Callan understands the letter as making the following argument: since Jesus Christ has given his followers benefits, including the promise of sharing in divine nature, they need to make a proper return for these benefits by living virtuously; and this in turn will enable them to receive the fulfillment of the promise. The occasion of the letter is that Peter's death is near. He writes so the addressees can remember his teaching after his death. The author expounds this teaching because some people do not await the future fulfillment of Christ's promises and so do not emphasize the need for virtuous living.

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MacKenzie Mulligan Simon, Who Is Called Peter

When we read the Bible as a parable, as a series of object lessons told merely to prove a point, we miss something. When we treat the people within the Bible as mere «characters» in a story, we lose something incredibly important.
Object lessons are clean and simple. People, on the other hand, are messy and complicated. When we look at the life of Simon Peter, we see one of the messiest people in the entire New Testament. Peter walked on water and sank into the waves. He proclaimed who Jesus was and completely missed the point. He pledged his undying devotion to Christ, and even drew a sword in defense of his Lord, and then he abandoned Jesus and denied him three times.
Peter is also the rock on which Christ would build his church–the same church of which Paul says we are a part.
So come. Walk with Peter. Fish with him. Follow a strange rabbi, though it might cost you everything. Walk on water, though you might sink. Go to Jerusalem, though death awaits you. Stand with Peter as God uses him to build his church, and watch that church grow.

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David J. Neville The Vehement Jesus

The Vehement Jesus composes a fresh examination and interpretation of several perplexing passages in the Gospels that, at face value, challenge the conviction that the mission and message of Jesus were peaceful. Using narrative analysis and various forms of intratextual critique in the service of a hermeneutic of shalom, the author makes the case that Gospel portrayals of the vehement Jesus are compatible with, perhaps even indispensable to, the composite canonical portrait of Jesus as the Messiah of Peace. As a result, this exploration in New Testament theology and ethics makes an invaluable contribution to the crucial conversation about the role of Jesus' life and teaching in Christian reflection on the morality of violence today.

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Louis Simon “My” Jesus

"My" Jesus is a collection of twenty-three sermons–that is to say, good news twenty-three times, twenty-three jets of freedom–preached in French Protestant parishes or on the radio. I say «my» Jesus, not out of pride, but with humility. For I know well that this Jesus is not the Jesus of everyone, and moreover, that it is not a question of imposing it on anyone. This Jesus is not the Jesus of the historians or the scholars, neither the Jesus of the ecclesiastical hierarchies and other guardians of «theological correctness.» He certainly is disputable and impertinent, but this Jesus is mine and I live from him. The sermons ask four questions that are unsettling for any preacher and congregation. How can the message of Jesus still address us today? What does Jesus teach us about God that is truly new? How should we receive the gospel of non-violence of the Sermon on the Mount? How can we remain a Church of Easter Day? It may appear that I am proposing answers to these four questions. In fact, my deepest desire is that the pertinence of their challenge not be forgotten; beyond that, it is up to each one to live with these difficult questions as he or she understands them. –Louis Simon

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